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Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
and john. they're here all week. and gary is here. next >> gary: good evening, everybody. new orleans superdome is the 10th h osting... kaepernick are right first. and harbaugh made some news today but he was asked about president obama statement. that he might not play football if he had a son. >> and had a 4 month old, and my son, jack. he will soon be 5 months old. and if president obama had a son and did not allow that that oughhis son to play that would be less competition for my son, jack. [laughter] and all of this pounding. on the chest and alex smith, and now he wants to be released. his agent has leaked that out so he can go anywhere he wants. he will have one option. >> alex has really helped to decide he coaches them more than i do. when i pass away. to say those kind words we're going to do what alex wants. >> i would think that most fans to support him what want that. >> and he is worth 25-30 million [laughter] >> he has been a good soldier. they got in town today. ray lewis all dressed in suits and ties. and the bottom line is that the 49ers talked about this is
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
massachusetts senator and one-time presidential candidate john kerry. is now officially the country's secretary of state. kerry was sworn in today by supreme court justice elena kagan. kerry becomes in the nation's 68th secretary of state. according to a u-s official, kerry's first trip will be to israel and egypt. that could happen in a couple of weeks. kerry follows hillary clinton as secretary of state. she officially stepped down from the post earlier today. her colleagues at the state department gave her warm send-off in washington. clinton also submitted her official letter of resignation to president obama. during a private farewell meeting at the white house. and the secret service is going to need a new boss. according to an agency spokesman, mark sullivan is retiring as director. sullivan has been with the secret service for 30 years, and spent nearly the last seven years in his current post. the secret service came under fire last year, when some agents were involved in a prostitution scandal in south america. at the time, president obama said, he had confidence in sullivan
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
games biggest questions. which harbaugh will come out on top? here's what brothers jim and john had to say today. our team coverage continues. >> very excited in his enthusiasm on the known to man count. each coaching room is a glow with videos. >> it is going to be 60 minutes of great football with a fundamentally sound football teams playing. there is total focus on this one moment, this one game. if >> three of the most beloved bay area sports figures won't be going into the pro football hall of fame. today the n-f-l made its announcement and once again decided that former niners owner eddie de bartolo, former oakland wide receiver tim brown and former niners player charles haley will have to wait another year. kron 4's will tran attended the news conference in new orleans and tells us how the decision was made. >> the announcement was made in this rumor. they started off with 15 names and then attended names. e former. eddie de bartolo and tim brown did not even make the cut but charles haley move on to the next final round. and he did not make the final cut. we will have to wait a
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm PST
at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. joe johns reports. >> wal-mart is not the only retailer. this spans of a new store is setting a limit of only 10 boxes per day for semiautomatic weapons. there is increased demands and retail stores nationwide. firearms have a few reasons why. increased gun prices and record highs. more guns, more ammunition, and higher traffic at gun. with increased activity and they are purchasing more rounds. >> this could be increasing more. there is a proposal for a ticket% tax on ammunition. what ever the cost table set a limit. this will limit individuals and require background checks. there right now a fugitive drug addict can walk into a retail and fill up his car with ammunition. >> pam: some cold medications are being taken off the market after the child-resistant caps failed to function properly. the consumer product safety commission says triaminic syrups and theraflu warming relief syrups for coughs, colds and fevers were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer. the c-p-s-c says the cap could still be removed by a child even with the tamper-
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> pam: it's official-- john kerry will take over as the 68th secretary of state. the longtime senator from massachusetts and 2004 democratic presidential nominee was overwhelmingly confirmed by his colleagues in the senate. the vote was 94 to three. the no votes came from three republican senators. kerry's confirmation makes him the first new member of president obama's second- term cabinet. in alabama -- police are searching for the gunman who got on a school bus and shot the driver several times. and ran off with a 6-year- old passenger. authorities say the man shot the driver after he refused to let the child off the bus. the driver later died. police say the shooter took the child a nearby church. where police were negotiating with him. we'll continue to update the story on our kron4 morning news. >> jacqueline: some high clouds we do have an area of high pressure that is selling off shore. that is driving storms to the north. with dry conditions and warmer temperatures. a reversal or winds. 30's and 40's through santa rosa, vallejo. 39 in concord, 40's for the east bayshore. for
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5